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Title: Pengaruh fee based income, Sertifikat Bank Indonesia Syariah (SBIS), pembiayaan bagi hasil, dan Dana Pihak Ketiga (DPK) terhadap profitabilitas perbankan syariah di Indonesia
Authors: Maulidya Himmah Annisa
Advisors: Suhenda Wiranata
Keywords: fee based income, certificates of Bank Indonesia Sharia, profit and loss Sharing Financing;Return On Assets (ROA);profitability;third party fun
Issue Date: 3-Apr-2017
Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis
Abstract: The study is using the method of analysis of multiple linier regression test by using a computer program spss of 21 and Microsoft Excel 2010. The result showed that Fee Based Income, Certificates of Bank Indonesia Sharia, Profit and Loss Sharing Financing, and Third Party Fund , simultaneously or together have a significant influence on the profitability. The result showed a partial fee based income significantly influences on Profitability (ROA), Certificate of Bank Indonesia Sharia does not affect the partial on the Profitability (ROA), Profit and Loss Sharing Financing impacts partially and unsignificantly on the Profitability (ROA),and third party fund significantly influences on Profitability (ROA).
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