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Title: Pengaruh kepercayaan nasabah dan kualitas layanan mobile banking terhadap kepuasan nasabah
Authors: Irfan Nurahmadi Harish
Advisors: Herni Ali HT.
Keywords: mobile banking;customer’s satisfaction;service qualit;customer’s trust
Issue Date: 10-Feb-2017
Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis
Abstract: This research purposes to know the influence of customer’s trust and the quality of mobile banking service to the customer’s satisfaction partially and simultaneously. The used data in this research are the primary data which are from 60 answers of asked respondents . The respondents are Bank Syariah Mandiri’s costumers who has downloaded and used mobile banking application on their mobile as the transaction helper. The analysis method of this research is multiple-liniear regression (regresi linier berganda). According to the result of the research, it is already known that the variable of customer’s trust has an influence to their satisfaction. It is seen that t count value is greater than t table value 2,073. For service quality variable, the received t count value is 8,564. It shows that service quality variable has significant influence to the customer’s satisfaction. Whereas, in simultaneous experiment result, both variables in the same time have significant influence to the customer’s satisfaction as it is seen from the F count, 61,339. In coefficient determination experiment (R2), the used variety of independent variable can describe 68,3% of the variety of dependent variable. Meanwhile, the rest of them which is 31,7%, influenced or explained by other variables that cannot be included in this research model.
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