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Title: The Effect of Using Flashcard in Teaching English Vocabulary for Dyslexic Students (A Pre-Experimental Study at the 4th Grade Students of SD Pantara South Jakarta)
Authors: Fitrianita Pugar Rismanti
Advisors: Drs. Nasifudin Jalil, M.Ag
Devi Yusnita, M.Pd
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Abstract: This research used flash card as media in learning vocabulary for dyslexic students. Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulties which caused the students weak in literacy aspects. The use of flash card is believed can make dyslexic students attracted in learning English vocabulary and the teaching and learning activity done maximally, so that the vocabulary mastery can be increased. The aim of this research is to know whether or not the use of flash card can give a positive effect in teaching English vocabulary for dyslexic students. This research used pre-experimental design. The participants of this research are 11 students of grade four (only one class) of SD Pantara South Jakarta. The result of data analysis using t-test showed that to is 6.11 with the degree of freedom is 20 and with the ttable in the significance degree 0.05/t0.975 (t1/2ɑ) is 2.086. it means that to has bigger value than ttable.. As a result, the null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected and the alternative (Ha) hypothesis is accepted which means that, there is positive effect in teaching and learning vocabulary for dyslexic students at the grade four of SD Panatara South Jakarta by using flash card.
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