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Title: The Effect of Demonstration Technique on Students' Writing of Procedure Text (A-Quasi Experimental Study at the Eighth Grade Students of SMP Al Fath Cirendeu in Academic Year 2016/ 2017)
Advisors: Ismalianing Eviyuliwati, M.Hum
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2017
Publisher: FITK UIN Jakarta
Abstract: The objective of this study was to obtain the empirical evidence of the effect of using demonstration technique on students’ writing of procedure text at theeighth grade of SMP Al Fath Cirendeu. The method used in this study was quantitative method using quasi-experimental design. Two classes were taken as the sample of the studywith 21 students in each class. Both classes were assigned into experimental and control class. Experimental class was taught by implementing demonstration technique while control class was taught without using demonstration technique. The data was collected through pre-test and post-test. Based on the calculation, the mean of gain score of experimental class was 12.76and the control class was 7.18. The mean score of post-test in experimental class was 79.82 while the control class was 77.47. Furthermore, the data from both experimental and control classes were analyzed by using t-test formula. The result of statistical analysis data showed that the value of tobserve (to) was 3.53and the degree of freedom (df) 40 in the table t-score at significance level of 5% is 1.684. by comparing the value of t0 = 3.53 and ttable = 1.684, it is clear that t0 is higher than ttable. [t-test to> ttable (3.53> 1.684] which means the value of tobservation was higher than ttable. In other words, it proved that the Null Hypothesis (Ho) is rejected and the Alternative Hypothesis (Ha) is accepted. Therefore, it can be concluded that demonstration technique is effective in teaching procedure text because it showed significant effect on students’ writing of procedure text at eighth grade of SMP Al Fath Cirendeu.  
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