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Title: The Relationship between Listening Song Activity and Students’ Vocabulary Mastery (A Correlational Study in the Sixth-Semester Students at the Department of English Education of State Islamic University Jakarta
Authors: Adellia Friliandita
Advisors: Dr. Farida Hamid, M.Pd
Ertin, M.A. TESOL.
Issue Date: 21-Jul-2017
Abstract: This study aimed to find and describe the relationship between listening song activity (variable x) and students’ vocabulary mastery (variable y). This study was conducted at Department of English Education of State Islamic University of Jakarta. The population in this study was all the sixth-semester students year 2016/2017, and the sample was 30 students. The method used was quantitative with the correlational design. The instruments used to obtain the data were questionnaire and test. The score from instrument questionnaire and test were calculated and analyze by using statistical procedure of Product Moment Correlation to see if there was any relationship between the two variables. The result showed that the index value of correlation coefficient is (rxy) 0.554. Furthermore the finding of hypothesis testing was showed the correlation coefficient of product moment table (rt) was lower than the rxy which only 0.306. That means the null hypothesis (H0) was rejected. In conclusion, there is a moderate correlation between Listening Song Activity and Students’ Vocabulary Mastery. However, though the result of exposure is relative high, it was not much affect students’ vocabulary significantly. Probably because students still have lack of awareness to make listening activity as a media of vocabulary learning
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