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Title: Cattleya Orchid Signs in Colombiana (2011) Film
Authors: Khairun Nisa
Advisors: Nina Farlina
Keywords: Cataleya,;Cattleya;Orchid;Signs.
Issue Date: 22-Mar-2017
Abstract: This thesis aims to explain Cattleya Orchid forms as signs that appear during the scenes in Colombiana (2011) Film. By using qualitative method and descriptive analysis technique, this thesis explains how each signs reflect Cataleya’s self-identity as the main character of this film according to Roland Barthes theory denotative and connotative meaning. As the research findings, the writer finds a conclusion that every Cattleya Orchid signs are the reflection of Cataleya’s self. The signs or symbols are not only tags or her characteristic of her as a murderer, but also her identity information and murder motive. This research aims to know the denotative and connotative meaning of Cattleya Orchid and know Cataleya’s self-identity. As the conclusion, the data in this thesis shows Cataleya’s identity. Cataleya is a Colombian. Cataleya is a woman whose job is a killer. Her aim to become a killer is revenge to her parents’ death that is killed by Don Louis. During her revenge mission, she is a patient yet organized and dangerous killer.
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