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Title: Comparison Among the Three Peak Ground Acceleration Models in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia
Authors: Tati Zera, Sutrisno, Agus Budiono
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Publisher: International Organisation of Scientific Research
Abstract: Bengkulu Province is a region located on the a subduction zone in the West coast of Sumatra. It’s a highly prone and risk of earthquakes. One of the important effects of earthquakes is Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA). This value is needed to determine the strength of the foundation of the building to be constructed. This article presents comparisons among the three PGA models in Bengkulu province, Indonesia. Research on the three models of PGA in the first generation, namely; Esteva, Pathwardan and Crouse have been tested and compared on the Bengkulu area based on historical data of earthquakes with magnitude, M ≥ 4 SR and hypocenter, H ≤ 100 km that occurred in 1974 - 2014. The model produces 4.16 to 68.66 gal Esteva, Pathwardan 72, 6 to 533.95 and 115.15 to 275.89 gal Crouse is on the PGA. In general, these three models produce the same map, in which the maximum value PGA is at Mukomuko in North Bengkulu and in Kaur in South Bengkulu.
ISSN: e-ISSN: 2321–0990, p-ISSN: 2321–0982
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