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Title: AN Analysis on content validity of the english summative test for 8 grade of mts yaspina rempoa ciputat
Authors: Rizwan Maulana
Advisors: Drs. Sunardi Kartowisastro, Dipl.Ed.
Desi Nahartani, M.Ed.
Issue Date: 4-Jul-2015
Abstract: Rizwan Maulana Dari (NIM:208014000097). AN ANALYSIS ON CONTENT VALIDITY OF THE ENGLISH SUMMATIVE TEST for 8 GRADE OF MTS YASPINA REMPOA, Skripsi of English Education Department at Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers' Training of State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta,2015. The aim of this research is to find the empirical evidence of the English summative test content validity made by the professional team for the even semester of the second grade student carried out at Junior High School of MTs Yaspina. The total number of the test item is 45 items. In this research the writer used qualitative research in which the writer collected the data by asking the English Summative paper and syllabus to the school. Then the writer analyzed the test items, whether the sun1mative test has content validity. Also, this research is -categorized as descriptive analysis in which to describe the conformity and inconformity of the MTs Yaspina Junior High School summative test with syllabus and indicators. The finding of the research prove that the test items of English summative test for at the even semester of the MTs Yaspina Junior High School have bad content validity. It is showed through the percentage. Based on the percentage. the writer found that the English summative test is 53,4% valid in terms of its conformity with the indicators. The items tests that represent the suggested indicators in the syllabus are 24 items and inconformity items are 21 items
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