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Title: Hierarchy of Needs Analysis of the Main Character in Love, Rosie Film
Advisors: Maria Ulfah
Keywords: Film Analysis;Hierarchy of Human Needs;Love and Belongingness Need.
Issue Date: 24-Mar-2017
Abstract: The aim of the study is to show the main character’s effort in fulfilling her needs viewed from Abraham H. Maslow’s theory. The study emphasizes on the analysis of hierarchy of human needs represented by the main character in Love, Rosie film. The analysis focuses on how Rosie, as the main character, fulfills the third need, Love and Belongingness needs. The writer employs qualitative descriptive method to answer the problem. In this film, Rosie is portrayed as a success woman. She is looking for one need; the third need, love and belongingness needs. Rosie tries to fulfill this need; she has relationship with some men, but it can not stand longer. Rosie’s love and belongingness need is fulfilled by having relationship with her best friend since they are kids, Alex. He is able to give what she looking for; he gives the love in shape of attention and emotion. The writer finds that the main character fulfills three levels of needs; physiological needs, safety needs, and love and belongingness needs
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