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Title: Optimalisasi budaya literasi di kalangan mahasiswa: upaya meretas komunikasi global
Authors: Alfi Syahriyani
Keywords: Intelektual;Literasi;Writing;Reading
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2010
Publisher: Redaksi jurnal UI untuk bangsa
Series/Report no.: Vol. 1;
Abstract: This literature reviews on thr importance of thr culture of literacy among the university students. The research purposes are to seek how enthusiastic the university students towards the culture of literacy, how intensive the Indonesians publish their article in media, and how to enhance the culture of literacy among the students. Library research was used in this study by collecting data frim books, journal, and articles. The findings show that one of the indicators of the country progress is the reading interest level and the international publication in media. As young intellectual icon, students have an obligation to enhance the scientific culture according to the University functions which are the institute of education, research, and social contribution. Therefore, increasing the literacy culture is one of the ways to deal with the low rank of the reading interest level in Indonesia, and also to complate in global level. However, the literacy culture is still optimally applied by the professors, but not too intensively applied by the students. This study finds thd condition of the literacy culture in university and what are the alternative ways to increase the reading interest among the students. Moreover, in global context, the ability to be able to master English is a positive way to support the rise of the international publication. Finally, since the reading interests of the Indonesians is worse than the closest countries' and other progressive countries', the university students have an obligation to contribute to the society having the low interest in reading.
ISSN: 20876491
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