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Title: Optimalisasi budaya literasi : upaya membangun peradaban negeri
Authors: Alfi Syahriyani
Keywords: Budaya literasi;Reading-writing;Civilization
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: BEM FIB UI, Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya Universitas Indonesia
Series/Report no.: Vol. 2;
Abstract: This literature reviews on the importance of culture of literacy towards nation's progress. The research seeks to identity the correlation between culture of literacy and nation civilization, how the condition of culture of literacy in Indonesia, what the importance of culuture of literacy in global era, and how to enhance culture of literacy. Library research was used in this study by collecting data from books, journal, and articles. The findings showed that the indicators of the country progress are reading interest level, publication in media, and education system supporting culture of literacy. However in indonesia, culture of literacy hasn't been applied well. The study found that curriculum in Indonesia doesn't encourage the students to read and to write a lot. The facilities to optimize culture of literacy also need improvement. Finally, since the rading interests of the Indonesians is worse than the closest countries and other progressive countries, the government and the society should cooperate well to improve the culture of literacy.
ISSN: 20863691
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