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Title: Karya ulama di lembaga pendidikan keagamaan di Sulawesi Tengah
Authors: Arif Syibromalisi
Dede Burhanuddin
Keywords: Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Religion/Theology::History of religion
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Publisher: Al-Turāṡ
Series/Report no.: Vol. XX No.1;
Abstract: The intelectual relationship of ulemas in Haromain and Nusantara have been engaged since the 17th century, even since Walisongo periode. Muslims society in Lombok since the 18th century have contacted the relitionship with the ulemas in Haramain. It has been proved by the number of great teacher who had learned in the holly city and beame the chalifah of Qodariyah naqsabandiyah sufism to forming community fiqh-misticism.The teller relationship (sanad) knowledge between Ibrahim Al-Khalidi with Ulemas in Haramain can be traced by the two received written tellers,i.e: (1) scietific teller in Kifayah al-Mustafid accepted from one of Nusantara ulemas, K.H. Mahfudz Al-Tirmasi (d.13338H/1919) accepted from his two teachers in Haramain, (2) Ijazah Syekh Hasan Muhammad Al-Masyath (d. 1399H) in his work Al-Irsyad bi Dzikr Ba’dh Ma’li Min Al-Isnad in 1370H. in Makkah AlMukarramah, an authoritative ulema in Hijaz during 20th. The accurate chains and the relationship between one ulema with another ulemas and the authoritative teacher (Ijazaah) explining the academik credentiality of the owner, lead the isnad become the most important credential and become the teacher’s confession to his students.
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