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Title: K.H. Abdullah Syafi’ie: Ulama Produk Lokal Asli Betawi dengan Kiprah Nasional dan Internasional
Authors: Zubair
Keywords: Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::History and philosophy subjects
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: Al-Turāṡ
Series/Report no.: Vol. XXI, No. 2;
Abstract: This paper intends to reveal gait K.H. Abdullah Syafi'ie in missionary movement and Islamic education in Jakarta during the Old Order and New Order. In collecting the data, the authors utilize the document library while also using interviews and observations. The approach used is the approach of social history. The results showed that K.H. Betawi cleric Abdullah Syafi'ie was educated in the country but is able to contribute propaganda and education that is modern. In the field of propaganda, he used radio broadcasts to convey his lecture so that it can be listened to by people in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Through radio broadcasts, he is also involved in anti-Communist propaganda in the Old Order and anti Jakarta government policies that harm the Muslims in the New Order. In education, he founded the modern school from primary school level to college with a classical system.
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