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Title: Poem As A Political Act; Scannel’s Worldview On Walking Wounded
Authors: Ida Rosida
Sulhizah Wulan Sari
Keywords: English Literature
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2017
Publisher: Wanastra
Series/Report no.: Vol.1/ No.1;
Abstract: This study was aimed at revealing worldview of the poet toward war as it was reflected in Walking Wounded by Vernon Scannel. This study is important in adding up knowledge especially on how a poem is investigated through its internal and external structure. The methode used in the study is descriptive qualitative supported by Genetic structuralism theory by Lucien Goldman that focused on analyzing internal and external structures of a literary work. Through a deep investigation of the internal structure of the poem, biographical interpretation of the poet, and socio-historical background in the creation of the poems, it was finally revealed the worldview of the poet toward the war. Result shows that war was not only devastated physical buildings such as house, school, or hospital but also humanity. War was absolutely giving nothing but misery and humiliation for humanity. Moreover, this study reveals that poem could be a political activism of the poet. Revelation of the worldview of the poet toward the war enlarges the opportunity to change the worldview of every human in the world especially on how important the humanity is and how important is it to keep the world peace.
ISSN: 2086-6151
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