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Title: The Effectiveness of Vocabulary Journals Technique on Seventh Grade Students' Vocabulary Mastery at MTs. Al-Jami'ah Tegalega-Cidolog
Authors: Zaeni Abdillah
Advisors: Ratna Sari Dewi
Atik Yuliyani
Issue Date: 17-May-2017
Abstract: This research is purposed to know the empirical evidence about the effectiveness of vocabulary journals technique after being implemented on seventh grade students’ vocabulary mastery at MTs. Al-Jami’ah Tegalega- Cidolog. The method used to conduct the research is quasi-experiment with purposive sampling. The participants were 56 students which are also counted as the population of the research. Those participants were divided into two classes: 28 students for experimental class (they were taken from class A) and 28 students for control class (they were taken from class B). In the beginning, the researcher gave the pre-test. Then, the experimental class was treated by vocabulary journals technique during four days treatment period while the control class was treated by the technique which was regularly used by the English teacher in that school without vocabulary journals technique. After all treatments had been implemented, the researcher gave the post-test that consisted of twenty five multiple-choice questions which was same amount with the pre-test where both pre-test and post-test had been tested by ANATES application to measure their validity and reliability. The research findings showed the value of t count was 4.58 and the value of t-table was 2.39 in the degree significance 1% after all statistical calculation gained from collected data. It means that t count is bigger than t-table (4.58 > 2.39) so that according to statistical formula, Ha (Alternative Hypothesis) was accepted and Ho (Null Hypothesis) was rejected. And also, the average scores resulted from vocabulary tests showed more significant increase after the technique was being implemented in the experimental class (pretest: 65.89 and post-test: 78.57) than the control class (pre-test: 65.36 and post-test: 66.07). Hence, it can be concluded that vocabulary journals technique has significant effectiveness on seventh grade students’ vocabulary mastery at MTs. Al-Jami’ah Tegalega-Cidolog. Keywords: vocabulary journals technique, vocabulary mastery
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