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Title: Uji efek imunomodulator sari kurma (Phoenix dactylifera) terhadap respon imun nonspesifik dan spesifik pada mencit jantan
Authors: Nurmeilis, intan fauziah, ofa suzanthi
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: Fakultas kedokteran dan ilmu kesehatan UIN Jakarta
Abstract: A research on the activity of herbal supplement palm juice against non-specific and specific immune respone of male mice had been conducted. The parameter of first test that is the non-specific immune response , was based on the activity and phagocytes capacity of peritoneal macrophage of mice that was induced by staphylococcus epidermidis with stimuno 1000 ppm as positive control and aquadest as the negative control. Palm juice concentration used in this experiment were 1; 10; 100; and 1000 ppm. The parameter for the second test is the specific immune respone that is based on hemaglutination titer antibodies. A total of 35 male mice’s were divided into six different treatment group with 5 mice’s consisted in each group. Group I is a normal control group that were not given any treatment. Group II is a negative control which has been given the distilled water (aquadest). Group III is a positive control that has been given stimuno. Group IV, V and VI were given palm juice at a dose of 50 mg/kgBB, 100 mg/kgBB and 200 mg/kgBB . Each group (except the normal control group) were sensitized by administering o.2 ml of 2% SDMD intraperitoneally on day 1th and 0.1 ml SDMD 2% on day 7 th. On day 8th the palm juice was given orally. The observation of antibody titers was performed on day 15 th by using the hemagglutination reaction. The result shows that palm juice (at any concentration) can significantly increase cells activity as well as its phagosytocis capacity of macrophage compared to the negative control (p< 0.05). The result also demonstrated that a dose of 50 mg/kgBB palm juice can significantly the value of antibody titers significantly compared to the negative control (p<0.05).
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