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Title: Fakta empirik tentang etos kerja islam, stres kerja, kepuasan kerja, dan kinerja akuntan pada lndustri keuangan islam di Indonesia
Authors: Amilin
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2016
Publisher: PS Ekonomi Syariah, Jurusan Syariah dan Ekonomi Islam, STAIN Kudus
Series/Report no.: Volume 9, Nomor 2, September 2016;
Abstract: The purpose of this study to obtain empirical evidence about the impact of Islamic work ethic environment on job satisfaction and performance accountant, with work stress as a moderating variable. The population of the study is the profession of management accounting who works in Islamic financial institution in Indonesia. The sample selection uses a purposive sampling method. Collecting the primary data use a questionnaire. Hypothesis testing uses the simple regression methods and moderated regression analysis. The results of the study are as follows: first, the Islamic work ethic influence the accountant job satisfaction. Second, job stress can moderate the influence of Islamic work ethics on the accountant job satisfaction. Third, Islamic work ethic does not affect the accountant performance. Finally, work stress can not moderate the influence of Islamic work ethics on the accountant performance. The results of the study .are necessary for the organization's leaders, especially the human resources department as one of the references to guide and to empower the employees to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. Keywords: Islamic works ethics, job stress, job satisfaction, accountant performance
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