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Title: Contemporary islamic political discourse on the political ethics of state officials
Authors: Mujar Ibnu Syarif
Keywords: Political Ethies;State Officials;Political Activities;Political Consciences
Issue Date: 26-May-2014
Publisher: Akademi Pengkajian Islam Universti Malaya
Abstract: This article specifically discusses political ethics in the Islamic perspective.Observing the practices of state officials in Muslim countries in his contemporary period (i.e as practices by the President and Vice president , Prime Minister , governor or mayor , secretary of state , or by the members of the legislature), it is apparent that not much attention is being paid to political ethics as taught by Islam. Thus, for most muslims, the political organization raises more disadvantage than benefits.this article is intended to discuss the norms of ethic and political morals taught by Islam that must be used as refference or as a guidelines of conduct by muslim state officials
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