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Title: Harry aveling’s style in translating three poems by Goenawan Mohamad
Authors: Dornan Risqi Sidomukti
Advisors: Moh Supardi
Keywords: Translation poetry;Literal and Blank Verse Translation;Element Poetry;Translation Style
Issue Date: 24-Mar-2017
Abstract: This research focuses on the style of translation by Harry Aveling in translating Goenawan Mohamad poems Senja pun Jadi Kecil, Asmaradana, and Z by using the qualitative descriptive method. The researcher collects the data by reading the poet, checking and selecting data focuses on lines in these poets and view through overall the meaning. After finding the data, the researcher analyzes the data by classifying the style translation based on Libo Huang and Andre Lefevere’s seven strategies of translating poetry. The style of translation is giving explication toward the style of translation that is done by the translator. It is sees from elements of poetry and meaning on the poetry based on Ribner and Morris. As the result, the style of translation applied by Harry Aveling is S-type translator style and as close as possible with the source language in whole words and phrases. The translator seems prefer to use S-type translator style of entire 3 poems, using words that have similar meaning and studies about the history behind the poetry. The translator uses literal and blank verse in transfers the meaning of the source language
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