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Title: Pasar sarana bisnis dan perdagangan (Komparasi ekonomi islam dan konvensional)
Authors: Oneng Nurul Bariyah
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Jurnal GICI
Series/Report no.: vol. 1 No. 2
Abstract: Human life need each other. To make ends meet, the market is one place. At the market everyone can find what it takes to make ends meet. The forms vary according to market circumstances, there are the traditional and the modern market. Similarly, range of goods sold was different, nothing special there are also the same products as diverse. In general, any person to purchase or similar transaction intended to make ends meet. However, the Islamic economic system is not the main purpose of these objectives, because humans have a duty to serve (worship) to God. Thus, the sale or other business has a spiritual value. While the conventional economic system and financial motives more salient material. Efforts to meet kebutuha tarnsaksi life through business or trade must be fair to give birth to the economic stability of the social conditions conducive to a safe and comfortable and reassuring for everyone. Attitudes are not honest in business transactions can result in damage to the joints of the economy
ISSN: 2088-1312
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