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Title: The Influence of Character Strengths and Gender on the Academic Stress of State Islamic University Jakarta Working Students
Authors: Diana Mutiah
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Fakultas Psikologi UIN Jakarta
Abstract: This research is conducted to figure out the influence ojcharacter strengths on academic stress oj State Islamic University Jakarta working students. Previous studies have shown that working students have higher academic stress than the opposite. Other studies showed that strengths may work as a buffer and help to maintain or even increase well-being despite challenges. Character strengths may work as protective Jactor that b'!ffer, prevent, or reduce the negative effects oj stress. This research employed quantitative approach with multiple regression analysis. The sample was 252 State Islamic University Jakarta working students. Sample was collected by non-probability sampling technique. In this study, researcher modified data collection instruments: Student-Life Stress InventOlY (SSI) Jor the scale oj academic stress and VIA Inventory oj Strengths Jor the scale oj character strengths. The results suggest the significant effect ojgender and Character Strengths on academic stress oj State Islamic University Jakarta working students. Minor hypothesis test on the significance oj each regression coefficient oj the dependent variable (DV) suggest that bravery, persistence, and gender have a significant impact on acadernic stress, Keywords: Character Strengths, gender, Academic Stress, Working Students INTRODUCTION
ISBN: 9786021733127
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