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Authors: Vera Nurlia
Advisors: Nida Husna, M.Pd, M.A. TESOL.
Atik Yuliani, M.A. TESOL.
Keywords: Authentic Materials, Vocabulary Mastery, Procedure Text
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2017
Publisher: Perpustakaan Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruan
Abstract: This research was aimed to obtain empirical evidence of the effectiveness in using reading authentic materials in improving students’ vocabulary mastery of procedure texts. To get the extended information about the result, this study also tried to find out how well authentic materials work on students’ vocabulary mastery of procedure text. The method used in this research was a quantitative method. The design used was a quasi-experimental study and the primary instrument of this research was test. The samples were taken from the eighth grade students of SMP Muhammadiyah 17 Ciputat by using purposive sampling. The total sample of this study was 70 students, which are 35 students as experimental class and 35 students as controlled class. The calculation of this research was conducted though SPSS 22. The test of hypothesis showed that sig. 2 tailed (p) was 0.003 while alpha (α) was 0.05. In other words, p < α. It meant that the H0 (Null Hypothesis) was rejected and Ha (Alternative Hypothesis) was accepted. It proved that there was a positive effect of reading authentic materials on students’ vocabulary mastery of procedure text. In addition, Cohen formulation which was calculated in order to know the effect size of reading authentic materiasl result was 0.37. It meant that the effect was modest.
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