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Title: A syntactic analysis of structural ambiguity on headlines of the Jakarta post by using stanford dependency
Authors: Fasya Febriandini Pramadwityas
Advisors: Muh.Shohibussirri
Keywords: Headlines;Ambiguity;Structural Ambiguity;Dependency
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2017
Abstract: The selected headlines of The Jakarta Post started from April 4 – April 10 2016. The purposes of this research are to identify and analyze the structural ambiguity in the headline by using qualitative method to reveal the findings. This research describes through the dependency relations between words which can be seen in the final result will show the type of structural ambiguity in the headlines and also how the ambiguous headline explained by using the Stanford typed dependency. All the data collected from the There are twenty-three ambiguous headlines with eight different structures; eight headlines with adjective + noun + noun head. Three headlines for adjective + noun + noun + noun head. Two headlines for noun + noun + noun head order, and one for the series of nouns (noun + noun + noun + noun head), five PP (prepositional phrase) attachments, two headlines for the possessive noun order (noun possessive + noun + noun head), and one for noun possessive + noun + noun + noun head order. The last is the adverbial phrase (AdvP) attachment which only found one. The finding of this research shows that the Stanford typed dependency can be used to analyze the structural ambiguity that the ambiguous headline may have two or more representations in the same structure. The different possibility of representations in headlines can be seen by seeing the movement of the arrows by its dependency relations. In addition, the trigger of the structural ambiguity is different in each headline such as noun phrase (NP), prepositional phrase (PP) attachment, and adverbial phrase (AP) attachment
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