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Title: Interpersonal rhetoric: constraint between cooperative principle and politeness principle in malcolm turnbull interview with David Speers in Sky News September, 23th 2015 edition
Authors: Rohmatullah Umar
Advisors: Frans Sayogie
Keywords: Interpersonal, Rhetoric
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2016
Publisher: UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora, 2016
Abstract: progressively increased in the great numbers. However, most of the researches are partial, either just on the cooperative or just on the politeness. It is only few researches that combine both theories. Instead, this is purposely aimed to conduct on both. This research is on Leech’s Interpersonal Rhetoric (IR) framework and uses an interview of Malcolm Turnbull which is hosted by David Speers in Sky News as the corpus. The focus of this research is to analyse how the theory of IR and the constraints of conversational principles work in real utterances, Malcolm Turnbull’s utterances. The Interpersonal Rhetoric (IR) theory conceived by three components: Grice’s Cooperative Principle (CP) and Politeness Principles (PP) as the primary stanchion and Irony Principle (IP) as the second-order principle, as to why it is not to be a point in this research. The CP is used to explain the relation between sense and force and delineates how ideally an effective and an efficient way to communicate; while the PP is used to explain why such indirectness occurs in Malcolm Turnbull’s utterances. Interaction of maxims between both principles enables some non-observances to maxims of the CP in which they are constrained by Malcolm Turnbull’s observance to particular maxims of the PP. Based on the research findings, the writer finds 6 non-observances maxims to the CP in which most of Malcolm’s non-observances seem often to use indirect expressions by which to keep polite either to the hearer or to the third person. This research uses qualitative method
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