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Title: Oblique Translation of Directive Illocutionary Act of Robert Character in Angels & Demons Novel by Dan Brown and Its Translation
Authors: Juwita Puspa Dewi
Advisors: Saefudin
Keywords: Translation Procedure, Oblique translation, Directive illocutionary act
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2017
Publisher: UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora, 2017
Abstract: This research focuses on describing the types of oblique translation used by the translator to translate directive illocutionary act of Robert Character and analyzing the translation result of functions alteration of directive illocutionary act between Angels & Demons novel and its translation by using qualitative descriptive method. The researcher collects the data by reading the novel and marking the directive illocutionary acts using oblique translation that is contained in the novel. After finding the data, the researcher analyses the data by classifying the types of oblique translation based on Vinay and Darbelnet’s theory about the types of oblique translation, and giving explication toward the functions alteration of directive illocutionary acts that is done by the translator based on Bach and Harnish’s theory about types of directive illocutionary act and Honig and Kusmaull’s theory about relationship between speech act and translation study. As the result, the types of oblique translation apply in that novel are transposition, modulation, adaptation and equivalence. In addition, the translator uses more one types of oblique translation in some of directive illocutionary acts. The translator seems prefer to use modulation and equivalence for translating directive illocutionary acts. There are also four directive illocutionary acts that are not translated in the same functions but in general the result of translation can be acceptable. All of them are translated uses modulation by the translator. The translator applies the types of oblique translation by choosing the words which have the similar meaning in order to adjust the meaning of the words and sentences between ST and TT
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