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Title: Peter Parker’s Heroism in Joe Caramagna’s Spider-Man
Authors: Egi Kemal Kelana
Advisors: Elve Oktafiyani
Keywords: Super Hero, Heroism, The Hero’s Journey, Comparison
Issue Date: 27-Jan-2017
Publisher: UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora, 2017
Abstract: This study focuses on Spider-Man or Peter Parker’s characteristics and heroism, by using Joe Caramagna’s Spider-Man (2015). There are two unit of analysis that is used to conduct this reasearch, Joe Caramagna’s Spider-Man (2015) and 1963’s Spider-Man. The 1963’s Spider-Man is only used in the comparation part. By using qualitative research methods, this reasearch aims to understand Peter Parker’s characteristics and heroic cycle or the hero’s journey, by using Joseph Campbell’s monomyth. Media economics theories are used in this study to understand the comparison of Joe Caramagna’s Spider-Man (2015) and the original Spider-Man (1963) as an additional content to see the comparison and it is not used as a main theory. Based on the research findings in chapter 3, It is found that Peter Parker in Joe Caramagna’s Spider-Man (2015) is depicted as a super hero who was mentally damaged by his own classmates, a victim of bullying. Even if he was bullied, Peter has shown many kindness and heroic actions in the story. The circle of heroism is repeated in Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus (2015) and Spider-Man & Sandman (2015). As an additional content, the comparisons between Joe Caramagna’s Spider-Man and 1963’s Spider-Man is written in the last part of this thesis for further understanding that there are some changes that Joe Caramagna made so Peter Parker’s motivation will differ from the 1963’s Spider-Man.
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