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Title: The Influence of Hypertext-Based History Teaching Method Toards The Increase of Historical Understanding
Authors: Muhamad Arif
Keywords: hypertext-based history;historycal understanding
Issue Date: 11-Apr-2017
Publisher: Depatment of History Education, Indonesia University of Education. Association of History Educators and Researchers
Abstract: This study was animed at gaining a comprensive overview of the influence of hypertext-based hostory teaching method towards the increase of historical concept understading. the method used in the study was experimental method, i.e. trough non-equivalentcontrol group design (pre-test and post-test). some points were concluted from the data collected within the study. firs. the implemented hypertxt-based history teaching model had affected learning activities to focus more on mental activities (thinking process). the whole teaching learning activities benefitted the students a wide chance to study ,observe, compose, deliver the questions, answer them, consider others' view, discus questionsby relating them with textual concepts, and make conclusion together. scound, the hyper text-based history teaching model test showed was proved to that the influence the increase of historycal concept mastery was increased by n gain of 0,5 at the expremental class, 0,4 at the control class, with significance value of 0,00 and a =0,05
ISSN: 2086-3276
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