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Title: Building Character Practices for Boarding Schools
Authors: Fauzan
Keywords: value character;islamic boarding school
Issue Date: 4-Nov-2016
Publisher: Universitas Negeri Malang
Series/Report no.: Book-2 Proceeding 2nd ICET International Conference On Education And Traning Faculty of education State University of Malang theme: improving the quality of education and training the trough strengthening networking;
Abstract: Islamic boarding are not only a unique sub-culture, but also are islamic educational institutions as they are relatively old in indonesia andhave continually survived and trived. striving to serve it's original mandate in line with the will and tenacity "of the" founding fathers (kyai). there are many things that islamic boarding schools must deal with that are different from normal boarding schools, ranging from the use of time (disciplene) for 24 hours, prayer in congregation (tahajud and other islamic player), lessons, meetings, cooking, break, even in the budget to allocate finances for a month. in the beginning, all these activities were difficult and un tested, but once executed a gread deal has been learned and standarizet , until the end of the educational periot. it is a good experience for traditions that are then attached to a "value" or "character" to be implemented. an educational experience that is certainly not the value obtained on the bench "school" but instead of a simple educational institutions, namely schools.
ISBN: 978-602-73626-4-2
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