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Title: The class shift of simple sentence in english indonesian translation of the stars shine down novel
Authors: Vani Trivianti
Advisors: Saefudin
Keywords: class shift;equivalence;simple sentence;translation
Issue Date: 27-Jan-2017
Abstract: This research aims to find realization of Catford’s theory of shift especially class shift and to examine the translation equivalence in simple sentences of English Indonesian translation in The Stars Shine Down novel by Sidney Sheldon by using qualitative descriptive method. The writer reads both source language and translation novel, collects the simple sentences containing class shift. After collecting data, the writer analyzes by classifying the type of class shift and describing how the word has been shifted by the translator, and the writer analyzes the translation equivalence of class shift occurred in the novel by Nida’s theory. As the result, the type of class shift applied in the novel are noun to verb, verb to noun, adjective to verb, adverb to verb, pronoun to noun, verb to adjective, and adjective to noun. The shift that often occurred is from noun to verb. All the simple sentences that contain class shift achieve the equivalence translation based on Nida’s theory
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