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Title: Peran Guru Aqidah Akhlak dalam Upaya Membentuk Karakter Peserta Didik (Studi Kasus di SMP Islam Ruhama)
Authors: Bahiyatul Musfaidah
Advisors: Dr. Muhammad Dahlan, M.Hum
Issue Date: 22-Mar-2017
Publisher: Perpustakaan Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruan
Abstract: This thesis aims to determine the role and efforts of teachers in shaping the character of moral theology students in SMP Islam Ruhama. The approach in this study is a qualitative approach, descriptive method of analysis, with the case study is supported by field research and references relating to the themes discussed. To obtain the validity of the data using triangulation techniques author of several techniques among observations, questionnaires and interviews. Based on the results of this study concluded that moral theology teacher has done its part in establishing the character of the students, as a mentor, educator, motivator and demonstrator. As a mentor, a teacher of moral theology to motivate and advise the participant students to always do good. As an educator that teaches manners and manners, teach you how to dress in accordance with the norms and rules. As a demonstrator, teacher creed character exemplifies the dress as the norm, polite and courteous, always read a prayer when starting and ending something, say hello and give wrong when meeting others, said politely, always on time and carry out and invite learners to pray sunnah and the obligatory prayer. As evaluators, teachers creed morals always admonish and advise students who break the rules, to sanction the students who violate the regulations, such as cutting hair if students haired, cut trousers and skirts if the pants or skirt does not fit the rules, as well as collaborating by counseling teachers to provide counseling to students who violate the rules and calling the parents of learners. The efforts made to shape the character of the learners by applying the appropriate habituation to the 18-character value that is declared by Kemendikbud.
metadata.dc.description.uri: Role of Teachers, Shaping Character of Students
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