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Title: واقع الكتب املدرسية لتعليم اللغة العربية بإندونيسيا: اجتاهاتها وحتوالتها وحتدياتها
Authors: Muhbib Abdul Wahab
Keywords: teaching Arabic language
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2017
Abstract: This research is an analytical, evaluative, and historical study deals with the textbooks used in teaching Arabic language in Islamic pesantrens and schools in Indonesia. This study aims to analyze and explain the trends, transformations and challenges which faced these books. The study concluded that most of the books are based on two main linguistic and religious trends. Religious trend is that the goal of teaching the Arabic language is a reading comprehension or understanding of the Arab and Islamic texts. The linguistic trend is considered that the aim of teaching Arabic is mastering leaners in using communicatively the Arabic language in their life. The first trend is mostly based on traditional method or the grammar and translation method. The second trend based on the modern method, especially direct method, audiolingual method, and communicative method. However, the textbook on this trend, for example, Durus al-Lughah al-Arabiyyah ‘ala at-Thariqah al-Haditsah used in modern pesantren so far, has not meet any re-examination for evaluation, reforming and updating. Meanwhile, al- ‘Arabiyya baina Yadaik regards as the latest books in teaching Arabic used in Indonesia in the last decade of the twentieth century and more widely used as a source and learning materials suitable for non-native speakers, because this book enriched by disks, color images, and good production. This book also develops integratively the three competencies: linguistic, communicative and cultural. This is the new transformation in textbook which centered on the developing and actualizing the three competencies in trend of Arabic textbooks. But, the future of teaching Arabic and the designing and writing Arabic textbooks faced some problems and great challenges, not only in the design of curricula and programming for training teachers, but also in modern and global challenges.
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