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Title: The Teaching of English at Kampung Inggris Pare, Kediri, East Java. A Case Study at Basic English Course (BEC)
Authors: Uspan Sayuti
Advisors: Muhammad Farkhan
Keywords: Teaching English;Basic English Course and Community
Issue Date: 12-Dec-2016
Publisher: Jakarta: FITK UIN Jakarta
Abstract: The objective of this research was to know and to describe the teaching of English in Basic English Course (BEC) which cover the syllabus design, the method of teaching, the teachers and students' activities, the community support to the process of teaching English and the evaluation of teaching. This research was qualitative method and case study. The procedure of collecting data were observation, interview, and documentation. The data were anlyzed based on adapted Mile's and Huberman's concept which cover collecting, classifaying, coding, tabulating, interpreting and drawing conclution. The research finding saw that the syllabus design of teaching English was devided into three levels; Training Class, Candidate of Training Class and Basic of Training Class. Then, the methods of teaching English were study tour, describing picture, telling the narrative text, delivering speech, micro teaching, team teaching, debate, drama, macro teaching. The teacher's activities were teaching, telling the narrative text, controlling and evaluating the students. Then, the students' activities were studying, memorizing, telling the narrative text, and doing test. The evaluation was devided twice; weekly test and period test. The weekly test was the test every week which were oral test and translation test. The period test was written. It was done when the students step to the next level. Furthermore, the community support to BEC was communicated English to students and provided English camp or area. Besides, they wanted to study English in BEC and other courses.
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