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Title: Reinforcing Students’ Listening Skill Through Guessing Game (A Classroom Action Research At The First Grade Students Of Mts Annida Al Islamy Jakarta)
Authors: Irani Nurislam
Advisors: Syauki
Keywords: Reinforcing Listening, Guessing Game.
Issue Date: 11-Jul-2016
Publisher: Jakarta: FITK UIN Jakarta
Abstract: The aims of this research were to know and describe about the improvement of students’ listening skill through guessing game and responses toward using guessing game at the First Grade of MTs Annida Al Islamy Jakarta. A Classroom Action Research (CAR) is used as the research method to overcome the students’ problem of learning English especially in listening. Kurt Lewin’s design is used in this Classroom Action Research which the design consists of four phase in each cycle: planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. In sustaining the result, there are two types of data collection: the qualitative data (observation and interview) and the quantitative data (pre-test and post-test). In analyzing the data, descriptive analysis and statistic analysis are used to find out the result of the guessing game implementation. The result shows that the use of guessing game improved the students’ score and their responses were good. For the students’ responses, it can be seen through the observation and interview taken. The observation proves that the students were interested in following the guessing game activities. Moreover, the interview states their interests in learning listening through guessing game. In addition, the improvement of the students’ achievement are proved after the tests in each cycle (pre-test, post-test I, and post-test II) taken: the students’ mean score in pre-test is 63.70 and the students’ mean score in post-test II is 77.09 which the improvement of the students’ mean score in pre-test and post-test II is 13.39. Then, the percentage of the students who reached the KKM in pre-test is 29.03%, post-test I is 67.74% and post-test II is 90.32%. In summary, the result shows that implementation of the Classroom Action Research passed the target CAR (75%) means that the action is successful.
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