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Title: The effectiveness of scanning technique on students' reading of recount text
Authors: Nur'aini
Advisors: Supardi
Keywords: scanning technique
Issue Date: 24-Oct-2016
Publisher: Jakarta: FITK UIN Jakarta
Abstract: This research which is entitled “The Effectiveness of Scanning Technique onStudents’ Reading of Recount Text”.It aims to find out whether scanning technique is effective in increasing students’ ability in learning of recount text. To analyze the data, a quasi-experimental design was employed. It involves two eighth gradeclasses in a school in Bogor.The first class is experiment class in which the treatment will be given to them. The treatment is the use of scanning technique in reading the text of the recount text’s test. The second class is control class; this class will be compare to the experiment class to measure how far the treatment works. The instruments of the study in this research arewritten test and questionnaire.Written test is used to measure the students’ ability in conducting the test while questionnaire is used to know students’ responses toward the use of scanning technique in learning of recount text.Data analyzed by using t-test on technique.It aims toclarify that is difference of means between experimental and controlled group. The findings show that t-test result gainingsignificance value lower than 0.05, 0.008<0.05.It affirms that there is a difference in mean of post test scores between the experimental and control groups. significance valueof effect size, to check the level of effect treatment after the-test calculation by using SPSS 20.0,is lower than 0.05 (0.008<0.05, r=0.369), meaning that scanning techniqueimproves students’ ability in answering the test ofrecount.n addition, data taken from questionnaire reveal that students mostly respond scanning technique positively. The students claim that this technique offers interesting learning, gives new knowledge, and serves a new, simple,and practical way to answer the test of readingtext, especially in recount text. So,it is recommended for further researchersto conduct a research for othertext and other techniques of reading.
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