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Title: Pengaruh Empati, Self-Control, dan Self-Esteem Terhadap Perilaku Cyberbullying pada Siswa SMAN 64 Jakarta
Authors: Amalia Setianingrum
Advisors: Neneng Tati Sumiati
Keywords: Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY::Physiology
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Abstract: A) Faculty of Psychology B) Maret 2015 C) Amalia Setianingrum D) The Effects Empathy, Self-Control, and Self-Esteem Toward Cyberbullying among students SMAN 64 Jakarta E) xiv+ 90 Page + Appendix F) This research was condudted to know the dynamics of personality in perpetrators of cyberbullying. The authors theorized that the variables of empathy (perspective taking, fantasy, empathic concern, and personal distress), selfcontrol (behavior control, cognitive control, and decisional control), and selfesteem affect cyberbullying. These variables will be the eighth of views which variables affest the behavior of cyberbullying. This study uses a quantitative approach, used CFA (Confirmatory Factor Analysis) to test the measuring instrument and the multiple regression analysis to test hypotheses. Samples were 200 students of SMAN 64 Jakarta taken by nonprobability sampling technique. To measure cyberbullying behavior researchers create their own measuring instrument refers to the theory of Willard (2007), to measure empathy researchers using standard measurement tools made Davis (1980), namely Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI), for self-control researchers create their own measurement tool which refers in theory Averill (1973), and to measure the self-esteem of researchers using standard measuring devices Rosenberg (1965). The results showed that empathy and self-control significantly influence the behavior of cyberbullying with a contribution of 24.2%. Then from eight independent variables studied, there are four dimensions that influence the behavior of cyberbullying that perspective taking, empathic concern, behavior control, and decisional control. Kata kunci: cyberbullying, empati, self-control, self-esteem
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