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Title: An Error Analysis on Students' Ability in Identifying and Writing Independent Clause and Dependent Clause in an Argumentative Essay
Authors: Prabawati, Utari
Advisors: Nahartini, Desi M.Ed
Keywords: error;identifying;writing;independent clause;dependent clause;argumentative essay
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2016
Abstract: This study is describing the students‟ errors in identifying and writing independent clause and dependent clause in an argumentative essay at the seventh semester of Department of English Education of Faculty Tarbiyah and Teachers‟ Training of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta. The purpose of this is study is to find out the types of errors the students commonly made on their argumentative essay and causes of their errors in writing an argumentative essay. The research method used in this study was mixed method design. The exploratory sequential design was used as research design to analyze the data qualitatively and quantitatively. Qualitative data acts as the main source in combining data (observation, test, and interview) to get more information about the types of errors and the real cause of errors while quantitative data acts as a bridge to calculate the frequency of errors and the total number of errors. This study was conducted from September to November 2014. The population of the study was all of students in the seventh semester of Department of English Education; There are VII A, VII B, and VII C. 43 students are used as the sample. Simple random sampling is used to get the sample. The data of the study were derived from classroom observation, test, and interview. The data was then analyzed by using the data analysis procedures by Miles & Huberman: data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing/verifying. The result of the test shows that there are 398 errors. 42.21% misformation errors, 35.42% omission errors, 16.83% addition errors, 3.02% dangling errors, 2.26% misordering errors, and the last is 0.25% double clause connectors errors. The result of interview is to know the causes‟ students did error. To sum up, all the errors are caused by intralingual transfer in which the students understood the background knowledge of grammatical structure, they were also able to identify independent clause and dependent clause. However, they were not skillful in applying the grammatical structure and the concept of independent clause and dependent clause into an argumentative essay.
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