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Title: Jihad:Memperebutkan Makna Perang Suci
Authors: Khamami Zada
Keywords: Perbandingan Mazhab dan Hukum
Issue Date: Jan-2006
Publisher: Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Mataram
Abstract: Jihad is nowadays often misunderstood and misused, especially by militant moslems translating it as a fight against unbelievers in order to destory them and or to convert them to Islam. Such a view has reduced the real meaning of jihad. In the time of Muhammad, Jihad was not necessarily acted as a fight against the "enemy" of God or the holy war as it is being widely understood today. It was applied as a hard effort to estabilish Islamic values in society. This article is all about the reduction and misunderstanding of jihad among moslems and nonmoslems. It delivers a historical analysis of view shifing on jihad, from its winder meaning to is specific one that is using forces and practicing violance. It also launches some cases of misuse of jihad is society from its precedent to modern era. This article suggest a way back to be meaning of jihad as it was.
ISSN: 1411-3457
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