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dc.contributor.advisorNida Husnaid
dc.contributor.advisorAtik Yulianiid
dc.contributor.authorCatur Wijayantiid
dc.description.abstractConditional Sentence type III IS one of the most difficult parts for students. In addition,the teaching and learning about conditional sentence often does not motivate the students to be active. To solve this problem, the writer implemented a classsroom action research. The aim of the research was to know whether interactive technique can improve students's ability in using conditional sentence type III at the eleventh grade of SMAN 7 Kota Bekasi. The writer used Kemmis & Mctaggart model which was done in two cycles. Each cycle has four phases : Planning, Acting, Observing, & Reflecting. The data were obtained from interview, observation, questionnaire, test (pre& post test). Based on the results of the preliminary study, for the first time, the students did not feel enthusiastic in learning about conditional sentence. It also could be seen from mean score. It was 59,47, only 9 students who could pass the minimum mastery criterion (75). In the first cycle, the improvement of the students' mean score was 74,87, 22 students could pass the minimum mastery criterion (KKM). The writer continued the second cycle because it had not yet achieve the minimum criterion, where at least 75% of students passed. In the second cycle the result of the students' mean score was 86,15 and 39 students passed with the percentage of 100%. Based on the observation sheet, there was also an improvement from the students which was categorized as Enough and Good (in cycle 1) into Good & Very Good (in cycle 2). In conclusion, interactive technique improved the students' ability in using conditional sentence type
dc.publisherUIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta: Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruan, 2016-
dc.titleImproving students' ability in using conditional sentence type iii through interactive technique (A Classroom Action Research at the Eleventh Grade of SMAN 7 Kota Bekasi)id
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