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Title: The Influence Of Religious Behavior On Consumers’ Intention To Purchase Halal-Labeled Products
Authors: Muniaty Aisyah
Keywords: consumer;halal product;intentional behavior;religious
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: Graduate Program Trisakti University Jakarta
Series/Report no.: Vol.14 No.1;15-32
Abstract: The purposes of this research are to analyze the influence of consumers’ religious behavior on their intention to purchase halal-labeled products, and also to analyze whether consumers with Islamic educational background are different from consumers with general educational background in terms of their religious behavior and their intention to purchase halal-labeled products. This research uses purposive random sampling with 312 samples which represents the Muslim consumer especially students at State Islamic University of Jakarta and Trisakti University. This research applies Structural Equation Model to analyze the model and MannWhitney Test to analyze the differences. The finding showed that consumers’ religious behavior significantly influence their intention to purchase halal-labeled products, and only in terms of their intention to purchase halal-labeled products, consumers with Islamic educational background is higher than consumers with general educational background. Because of consumers’ religious behavior is high, consumer intention to purchase halal-labeled products also become elevated. Thus, it is suggested that government and related institutions need to implement the Security Act of Halal Products immediately in order to protect the consumer from consuming non-halal products which are often circulating in Indonesian market and potentially causing social, political and economical turmoil.
ISSN: 0853-9189
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