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Title: An Analysis of politeness maxims violated by slang language in limitless movie script
Authors: Nita Anistiawati
Advisors: Rima Muryantina
Keywords: slang;politeness maxims;movie,;discourse
Issue Date: 7-Oct-2016
Abstract: Language is a communication tool which has an important role in human’s life. Along with the era progress, language usage will be developed, and it sparks the emergence of slang language. Many slang words contain rude and impolite meaning. In contrast, politeness maxims prioritize politeness in speaking. In this paper, the researcher discusses about the analysis of slang language in Limitless movie, and relates it with violation of politeness maxims. The purpose of this study is to find out the types of slang that is used by the characters of the movie, and to find out whether slang language has a potential to violate maxims of politeness. The researcher uses descriptive qualitative method and applies Leech’s theory of politeness maxims in the analysis. The researcher finds 46 slang words or phrases that used by the characters in the movie, but she only selects ten words to be analyzed. The result of the analysis, the researcher finds two types of slang language that are used in the movie. They are vulgarity and offensiveness, and informality and intimacy. The researcher also finds that both types of slang violates three of six Leech’s politeness maxims, they are approbation maxim, modesty maxim and agreement maxim.
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