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Title: An analysis of conversational implicature in jurassic world (2015) movie
Authors: Osi Amelia
Advisors: Romdani
Keywords: Conversational Implicature;Generalized ConversationalImplicature;Particularized ConversationalImplicature
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2016
Abstract: This research is going to analyze what are the maxim of cooperative principle that are violated (non-observance) in the movie and how does the non-observance maxim occurs in the movie, then what is the meaning of each implicature that have been done by the characters in the movie Jurassic World. This research used a qualitative method that focuses on the conversational implicature based on cooperative principles on the movie. The writer analyses four cooperative principles which are maxim of quality, maxim of quantity, maxim of manner and maxim of relation in the movie. The data in this uses watch and take notes technique for collecting data.After the writer analyzing Jurassic World movie, the writer finds the conversational rising in this movie because the characters non-observed maxim of the conversation. The maxim of relation and maxim of manner are the most violated on the movie. In addition the writer also finds the existence of the two types of the conversational implicature those are: eight particularized conversational implicature and nine generalized conversational implicature
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