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Title: Soul Boy identity formation in “Northern Soul” film
Authors: Abrar Alifian Epsa
Advisors: Arief Rahman Hakim
Keywords: Northern Soul;Identity Formation;Identity Statuses;Characterization
Issue Date: 7-Oct-2016
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to know the identity formation of the main character in the film by using identity statuses theory. The writer used qualitative descriptive analysis method. The writer did some procedure such as; watched the film several times, analyzed the data and learnt the dialogues and the visual from the film. From the analysis of this film, the writer found that the main character’s identity formation related to James E. Marcia’s identity statuses theory. There are identity diffusion, foreclosure, moratorium, and identity achievement. The writer analyzed that the process of identity formation in “Northern Soul” film was presented through the main character, John Clark. The process of exploration was seen as John Clark’s struggle to get the commitment. The identity formation into a “soul boy” was shown by John Clark character’s relationship with the environment of northern soul where he got involved until he got the identity achievement.
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