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Title: Personality structure of Andrew Neiman in whiplash (2014) film
Authors: Mega Silvana
Advisors: Elve Oktafiyani
Keywords: Personality Structure;Anxiety,;Defense Mechanism;Psychoanalysis Approach
Issue Date: 7-Oct-2016
Abstract: This thesis aims to observe personality structure of the main character in Whiplash (2014) film through psychoanalysis approach related to personality structure, anxiety, and defense mechanism. This research is using qualitative method and descriptive analysis technique to analyze the psychological problem of the main character that is anxiety after describing the character using character and characterization theory of Petrie W. Dennis and Joseph M. Boggs. Based on the research finding, the writer concludes that Andrew Neiman as the main character in Whiplash film is categorized as the developing character. Andrew Neiman has some characters those are; a loner, gloomy person, low selfesteem person and weak. And after he faces some obstacle in the way he achieves his life goal he suffers psychological problem that is anxiety and makes him become an ambitious and arrogance. This research found that the presence of his teacher and the condition that does not support Neiman’s way in order to pursue his dream makes his’ ego sets a manoeuvre through defense mechanisms to maintain himself from his anxiety and find a way to keep fulfilling his id’s desire. To conclude, the writer figures out that Neiman’s behaviour is dominated by his id and makes his ego produce his anxiety when the id faces some trouble in the process of its accomplishment
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