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Title: A Semiosis process analysis on KFC advertisement posters using C.S. peirce’s theory
Authors: Hanifah Putri Lestari
Advisors: Hilmi
Keywords: Semiosis Process;Peirce;Interpretation;Icon;Symbol
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2016
Abstract: This thesis has two objectives of the research, like as to know the process of semiosis in each advertisement based on Peirce’s Theory, using triangle of semiosis process, and to analyze the meaning of icon and symbol of each KFC selected poster of advertisement. This thesis applied qualitative method. Then, the unit analysis of this thesis is the selected KFC posters of advertisements from In this website, consist many KFC advertisements, but in this thesis only use the new advertisement and the advertisements which are had a tagline in the poster display. To make this thesis reliable, the researcher has done questionnaire to some of KFC consumers. From this thesis result, some conclusions are found, such as the process of semiosis will be known if representamen, object, and interpretant observe firstly, so each KFC advertisement poster which is analyzing in this research able to analyze based on Peirce’s Theory. In analyze the semiosis process, it is important to analyze the representamen, object, and interpretant based on the category of icon and symbol. These two kinds of analysis will help to differentiate between the analysis of the sentence as the verbal word with the picture or image of the advertisement. Then, semiotics theory of Peirce emphasizes the meaning that consist in all of KFC selected poster of advertisements which is has a relation to the interpretation
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