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Title: An oblique translation procedure analysis on bad boy’s Indonesia subtitle
Authors: Yuni Arifiani
Advisors: Muhammad Farkhan
Keywords: Translation Procedures;Oblique Translation;Label Collection
Issue Date: 23-Aug-2016
Abstract: This thesis analyzes about Bad Boys II film script and the subtitle. The research methodology is qualitative method that is written by descriptive analysis. Furthermore, for the technique of data analysis in this research, the writer has to understand the content of the film script and the subtitle. The units of analysis in this research are the script from source language and subtitle in target language and and the writer uses herself as instrument of this research. In this research, the writer finds out the result that shows amount of data are found in Bad Boys II. This research focuses the analysis on translation study, that is, the translation procedure which is postulated by Vinay and Darbelnet’s theory in Lawrence Venuti. The writer uses the technique of analyzing data is descriptive qualitative method. To answer the research question, the writer used the script of film and subtitle which are related with An Oblique Translation Procedure. The result of this research shows that four types of oblique translation procedures, which are transposition, modulation, equivalence and adaptation. All of the types of translation procedure can be found on the translation of the selected labels. The translators applied the types of oblique translation on the selected labels by choosing the words which have the similar meaning in order to adjust the meaning of words and sentences between source language and target language.
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