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Title: An analysis of politeness strategy between Ellen DeGeneres and Barrack Obama in the ellen show
Authors: Gading Ayu Kusuma Listy
Advisors: Alfi Syahriyani
Keywords: Pragmatics;Politeness;Positive strategy;and Negative strategy
Issue Date: 19-Sep-2016
Abstract: This research is on pragmatics politeness of an interview between Ellen DeGeneres and the United States President, Barrack Obama in Ellen DeGeneres show episode 12 February 2016. It is a qualitative research that used Brown and Levinson‟s politeness strategy (1978), supported by J.L. Austin‟s speech act theory (1962). By applying the theories, the writer found that Both Ellen and Obama were observed politeness strategy. In Ellen‟s utterance, the writer found two Brown and Levinson‟s strategies which are positive and negative politeness. Meanwhile, in Obama‟s utterance, the writer found one Brown and Levinson‟s strategy which is positive politeness. The choices of strategy from the participants are influenced by varied payoffs and sociological factors. The payoffs factors are „save and satisfy‟ guest‟s face, „save and satisfy‟ host‟s face, and „save and satisfy‟ viewers‟ face. Meanwhile, the sociological factors are the social distance between speaker and hearer and the relative power of speaker and hearer
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