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Title: Feminist literary criticism in the novel of the willow trees don’t weep
Authors: Aini Soraya
Advisors: Ida Rosida
Keywords: Feminist Literary Criticism;Gender Relation;Gender Issue;Patriarchal Culture
Issue Date: 12-Oct-2016
Abstract: The Willow Trees Don’t Weep novel written by Fadia Faqir is the unit analysis of this research. The research aims to reveal gender relations between female characters named Najwa and Raneen with male characters named Omar, Zakir, Ashraf and Andy in the novel.This study employs qualitative analysis method on feminist literary criticism as the theory to find and reveal gender issues which contained in this novel. The results were evaluated by examining female characters’ condition in a patriarchal society through woman’s point of view based on her social life and experiences. After analyzing this novel, the study found that gender relations in Faqir’s novel consisted into three categories. First is a male domination which happened in the city of Amman since this region remain to follow patriarchal system. Second is discrimination towards woman, this study discovered that Najwa as the main female character was being humiliated by her society and unabled to access public facilities such as using internet and getting passport. And the last category is violence against woman, the writer also found that Najwa had physical, verbal and psychological violence derived by men in patriarchal society. Gender relations in this novel happened in some countries including Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and London. Furthermore, among of these countries, Jordan is the most country with adhering extreme patriarchal system.
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