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Title: The Figurative language and theme of green day’s song lyric “Jesus of Suburbia”.
Authors: Muhamad Ryan Fauzi
Advisors: Akhmad Zakky
Keywords: figurative language;song lyric;and theme
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2016
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to find out what kinds of figurative language and the theme of Green Day’s lyric entitle “Jesus of Suburbia.” The analysis is uses intrinsic elements of poetry such as figurative language and theme and uses qualitative descriptive analysis method. The data is the song lyric of Green Day’s song entitle “Jesus of Suburbia” Billie Joe Armstrong published in 2004. Several kinds of figurative language founded contribute the meaning of the lyric that become clearer, the clearer the meanings of the lyric, the more clues shows to find out theme. As the clue appears it also gives more idea to conclude what are the messages of the lyric. The analysis comes to the result that the figurative language found and contributed to building up the theme in contributing the more understanding of the song lyric
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