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Title: Social Problems among Mexican Immigrants in Esperanza Rising novel: A Social Criticism.
Authors: Halimatus Sa’diyah
Advisors: Pita Merdeka
Keywords: Mexican immigrants;social problems;sociological literature
Issue Date: 3-Aug-2016
Abstract: This research studies about Esperanza Rising novel written by Pam Munoz Ryan on 2000. The analysis is aimed to find out how social problems among the Mexican Immigrants in California in 1930. This analysis also tries to explain about the factors that cause each social problem presented through sociology of literature perspective. To examine the problems and find the factors, qualitative method and the descriptive analysis method are used. After collecting and analyzing the data, the result of this research is to explain the poverty of Mexican immigrants lived in immigrant camp. They live separated with other immigrants from other countries and treated unfairly in living condition and the wages of work. The next problem is about prejudice and discrimination. Mexican immigrants assessed as the lowest class compared to the other immigrants, they received many negative prejudices and discriminations. The last problem is crime. Some immigrants who feel disappointed about the low wages and the inequality of facilities of living condition do strike. They do some criminal acts to threaten the ranch owner and survive their right.
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