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Title: The Main Character Analysis on The Bling Ring Film using Hierarchy of Human Needs theory by Abraham Harold Maslow
Authors: Rizqi Nandia
Advisors: Inayatul Chusna
Issue Date: 24-Jun-2016
Abstract: This research is aimed to find what motivate Rebecca Ahn as the main character to steal and her stealing behavior inThe Bling Ring film reflects the needs based on The Hierarchy of Human Needs by Abraham Harold Maslow’s theory. The writer analyzes and identifiesthe motivation and needs that Rebecca Ahn fulfills by stealing. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. The data are analyzed byexplaining and identifyingthe dialogue in the film. The writer reveals the motivation of Rebecca Ahn as the main character and the needs of the main character based on the Abraham Harold Maslow’s theory which is classified into five levels, they are; Psychological Needs, Safety Needs, Love and Belongingness Needs, Esteem Needs, and Self-Actualization Needs. Even there are some obstacles that she faces and young age but she can get through it and fulfill the needs from the lowest level to the Esteem Needs
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